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Cible Project Lifecycle Management Services
Product Lifecycle Management is often considered a prerequisite for businesses looking to profit from their supply chain and can be considered the driver for any innovative company.

Many enterprises realize they need to bring new products to market faster to gain a competitive advantage through increased market share and higher profit margins. However, most companies are daunted by the large cost overruns typically associated with new product development projects, the rising number of new product launch failures and the challenges associated with outsourcing manufacturing processes.

To bring new products to market faster, enterprises must improve new product development processes, speed up response times to customer demands and develop design and launch capabilities that can be operated around the clock. Companies also need to work more closely with their partners and suppliers to reduce costs and increase time to market through collaborative product lifecycle management.

Cible's Product Lifecycle Management solutions can help your company link its product development process to your entire value-added chain by optimizing product planning and development and enhancing collaboration across the extended supply chain. Our team uses technology and process automation capabilities to help you enhance collaboration across all areas of the product lifecycle, including concept and engineering, forecast/planning, production and sales/marketing.

We incorporate supply chain solutions at the product-design level to help you design and release innovative products more rapidly at reduced costs. We provide an integrated set of Web-centric solutions that enable your organization to collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners to share information throughout the product lifecycle.

Using Product Lifecycle Management, we help you:

* Increase your product revenue and profit margins by bringing products to market faster
* Extend the selling cycle and increase the number of units sold at higher margins
* Reduce product costs and engineering inefficiencies by securely managing data and process workflow
* Utilize rich data content (models, drawings, etc.) in virtual design rooms to encourage early supplier involvement.

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