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Cible Offshore Development Services
Our Offshore Development Centers represent an expanded delivery approach for developing software applications - one that provides clients with the flexibility of onshore program/project management, analysis and design and offshore development of defined components. This delivery model offers our clients the exceptional talent of our local engagement teams, along with a competitive advantage by utilizing the large IT development skills market in India.

Our Center can help your organization by:

* Reducing costs associated with on-site development staff by leveraging lower-cost off-shore development staff rates for activities that do not require frequent on-site client interaction and using shared off-shore resources and assets.
* Enabling clients to reduce the risk of project failure through the use of Global Development Center's Capability Maturity Model compliant processes and resources. Capability Maturity Model-compliance offers the client increased quality of development projects and application services.
* Accelerating the client's return on implementation investments.
* Expanding the client's staffing and implementation options.
* Allowing the client to focus on its core competencies.

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