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In today's complex business environment, many organizations are seeking to leverage their intellectual capital more fully for improved decision-making. At the same time, they need to initiate changes that can quickly enhance performance, strengthen competitive position and promote long-term growth.

To accomplish these goals, organizations are seeking improved ways to manage knowledge both internally and externally. Internally, companies must improve collaboration and knowledge retention within the organization. The average organization, according to some estimates, loses half of its knowledge base every five to ten years through employee turnover and retirement. Further, they must often cope with geographically and functionally dispersed resources and information sources due to globalization, mergers and acquisitions. In addition to knowledge sharing for improved productivity, companies must also manage knowledge effectively to comply with regulations governing document and records management practices.

Knowledge Management is not confined to internal communications. From an external perspective, organizations must manage information and communications effectively to remain competitive. Accordingly, companies must seek better ways to communicate and share personalized information with key customers, suppliers and the general public.

At Cible, we offer integrated solutions to help address these challenges. By providing employees, clients and business partners with greater access to the information and applications they need for handling everyday business activities, companies can dramatically improve information flow and jump-start operational efficiency.

Our solution offerings include:

* Portal Frameworks
* Document and Content Management
* Collaboration
* Business Intelligence
* Business Process Management
* Learning Management

Our Knowledge Management Solution Offerings can help you create an enterprise knowledge-sharing platform that meets these challenges. Benefits of an enterprise knowledge-sharing platform include:

* More effective knowledge management
* Central access and retention of corporate information
* Reduced search times
* Enhanced collaboration and sharing of best practices
* Streamlined business processes and reduced cycle-times to support more timely decision making
* Personalized communications with customers and suppliers
* More efficient web publishing methods

We invite you to learn how powerful business life can be when your business and systems align. That's what we call business empowerment.

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