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Cible IT Strategy and Planning Services
Information technology (IT) executives are pressured to control costs, improve services, align IT investments with corporate objectives and maintain robust internal controls. In addition, they must use emerging technologies to create new services aimed at long-term growth.

To achieve IT performance improvement you must overcome the following multifaceted challenges:

* Managing issues involving customers, competitors and technology trends.
* Planning, Building and Integrating Solutions
* Controlling and Managing Operations
* Measuring and Reporting Cible can help you overcome these challenges.

Cible's IT Strategy and Architecture solution is a catalyst for IT innovation that can help your organization use people, processes and technology as a competitive advantage to increase profitability.

As a catalyst for IT innovation, our tailored IT Strategy and Architecture solution can help you overcome internal barriers, enabling you to initiate the changes necessary to reduce costs, improve operations and contribute more to value creation within your organization.

Our IT Strategy and Architecture solution incorporates the following:

* IT RapidWatch is a broad assessment that identifies opportunities to reduce costs and improve strategic focus, increasing the value of IT to your business.

* IT Strategy & Planning aligns business and IT initiatives, providing a foundation for achieving business vision.

* IT Strategic Cost Takeout analyzes IT investments and costs, and develops plans for reducing or redirecting those costs.

* IT Sourcing Advisory provides guidance on sourcing options, develops business cases, facilitates vendor selection and plans for transition.

* IT Capital and Portfolio Management is a framework for understanding IT investments and tracking their performance.

* IT Architecture and Modeling provides principles, guidelines and reference models that define the interaction of the application, data and technical architectures that interact with the business architecture.

* IT Center of Excellence enables you to dynamically adapt IT resources and governance to changing business models and partnerships.

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