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eStudent for Schools is an amazingly flexible, easy-to-use system for managing student and contact information. Quickly produce paper and electronic correspondence, school reports, student ID cards and much more. Enjoy complete control over individuals’ security and access privileges. Customize e-Student with user-defined edit screens, add hundreds of your own data fields with validation, set up your own filters, reports and labels. Maintain and easily access complete eStudent history.

eStudent is a comprehensive single point management software for Educational Institutions, Schools and Colleges, covering the entire - Student Information Management, Back Office Management, Facilities Management, Time Tables & Schedule Management.

- Enables you to store everything from activities, to assessments, to mandated data
- Validated data entry ensures consistency and accuracy
- Convenient family unit management system keeps contact information in-sync among siblings
- Informs Student's progress periodically to the parents through SMS, e-mail, and/or portal
- Fast, easy access to your most frequent tasks without adding extra clicks

Various modules available in eStudent ERP:
Admissions & Fees
Post-Admissions, Exams, Progress Reports
Time Tables
Question Bank
Business Development
HR & Payroll
CBSE Compliance Reports
SSC Compliance Reports
ICSE Compliance Reports
IB/IGCSE Compliance Reports
Biometrics Integration

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