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Planning Faced with acquisitions, consolidations, mergers, globalization, and international competition, enterprises need to manage their resources better.

Cible Technologies offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to help you implement and integrate the leading ERP packages, including , and Oracle, Peoplesoft and SAP. We deploy our Rapid Return on Investment (R2i) solutions to plan, manage, and deliver ERP applications, including:

* Financials
* Supply Chain Management
* Procurement
* Customer Relationship Management
* Human Resources Management
* Business Intelligence
* Mobile Business
* Digital Marketplace
* We configure and tailor our solutions to meet your industry-specific needs.

Our ERP clients are in our lines of business including Government and Education Services, Financial Services, Communications and Content, High Tech, Consumer and Industrial Markets, and Health Care.

Our solutions are secure, reliable, and flexible, designed to grow with your business.

Our ERP solutions gain competitive market advantages for our clients, including:

* Streamlined communications with customers, suppliers, employees, and partners for enhanced satisfaction of your entire audience
* Accelerated product and service implementation cycles for time-to-market advantage
* Workforce optimization, automation, and self-service
* Reduced consulting costs and risks associated with new technologies

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