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Although the economy is finally experiencing signs of strong growth across industries, companies continue to focus on cutting costs, leveraging their IT investments wherever possible and increasing efficiencies across the enterprise so they can respond to changes in market conditions more easily. Given this renewed interest in running a lean, profitable operation, it makes sense that the “Real-Time Enterprise” would now be generating a lot of interest.

In fact, the Real-Time Enterprise is an architectural framework that helps companies respond to change more quickly and efficiently. By integrating core applications with business processes across the enterprise, the Real-Time Enterprise allows companies to streamline their business processes, maximize efficiency across the enterprise and reduce costs significantly. The focus is on continuous improvement while driving down cycle times and operating costs.

Cible’s Real-Time Enterprise solution combines business process management, business activity monitoring, application integration, a portal framework and information services into an IT framework. Our solution provides a 360-degree loop wherein executives can monitor the business via a dashboard of performance indicators and optimize their service level agreements (SLAs). Within the Real-Time Enterprise solution are Process Packs that deliver specific, domain-oriented solutions.

* Business Activity Monitoring allows the company to monitor the entire end-to-end business process by providing visibility into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
* Business Management of IT improves performance of the IT organization.
* Real-Time IT Operations Automation is a platform and architectural framework that automates key functional business processes, integrates core enterprise applications with business process workflows and leverages existing technology assets.
* Real-Time Enterprise Quality Blade manages quality assurance (QA) and testing operations across the entire development lifecycle.
* Service Level Agreement Management helps companies maximize the availability of services by allowing them to monitor, report and manage their SLAs more effectively.
* Enterprise Data Integration and Matching enables companies to reduce project costs by using a data quality assessment to analyze the quality of project data.
* Real Time Marketing helps companies plan, execute and manage their marketing campaigns more effectively.
* Information Logistics Hub integrates customer data, operational processes and communication touch points into one seamless information management environment.
* Real Time Insurance Claims Processing provides end-to-end integration of claims processes and systems for insurance companies.
* Helping Companies around the World Operate More Efficiently and Profitably Clients in numerous industries around the world have invested in Cible’s Real-Time Enterprise solution to ensure greater agility and better performance.
* Our solution manages automated and manual processes for the day-to-day activities of a large telecommunications company’s Internet Data Center.

A rapidly-growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) had an urgent need for the consolidation and automation of several manual workflow processes that support the lifecycle management of its hardware assets.

Our Web-based solution for a state government agency improved access to customer information and reduced the cost of IT and business operations significantly.

Our solutions for a large distributor resulted in better inventory management, more efficient processing of product orders, and improved customer service.

These are just a few examples of how our Real-Time Enterprise solution has empowered companies like yours operate more efficiently.

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