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Strategic growth and cost consciousness have led many organizations to embark on warehousing and distribution centers endeavors.

As organizations attempt to reinvent their distribution center capabilities, several key questions arise:

* What functional capabilities are required (e.g. cross-docking, flow through, stocking)?
* What value-added services will the distribution center perform?
* How will inventory levels be managed within the distribution center?
* How will unique product characteristics be incorporated into the design of the facility (e.g. seasonality, slow moving items, promotional items)?
* What efficiency can be gained by utilizing material handling and technology solutions?

Warehouse management addresses the planning and handling of products and inventories across the supply chain. An effective warehouse management program can promote:

* Enhancements to customer service
* Global standardization of processes and warehouse technologies
* Rationalization of inventory levels and investments
* Improvement in multi-site visibility of operations
* Increased efficiency and utilization of labor resources
* Improvements in in-stock positions
* Enhanced forecasting processes through better information and tools
* Availability of real-time information to key stakeholders
* Efficient processing of returned products

Cible’s Warehousing solution focuses on leveraging inventory deployment decisions and warehouse functionality to help meet and improve customer service levels. Key components include:

* Product Flow Optimization and Planning – including order to stock, cross-docking, flow-through, and direct to customer principles
* Receiving & Put-away – including ASN visibility, blind receipts, cross-docking and back order allocation, directed put-away via radio frequency, task interleave, automated material move confirmation, and lot/date controls
* Distribution Center Order Processing – including integrated labor management and workload planning, multiple picking methods, multiple pick media, differentiate pick list by quantity, directed picking, and dynamic allocation of labor by wave
* Replenishment – including maintaining inventory by storage location; replenishing primary pick location based on usage, demand, min-max criteria, and/or lead time replenishment; maintaining FIFO integrity; and managing replenishment by product characteristics and equipment type
* Shipping – including capturing and tracking carton contents, predetermining packing carton, creating carton level ASNs, enabling EDI capability, generating accurate shipping documents, and merging cross-dock
* Value Added Services – including returns management, reverse logistics, kitting, labeling, cycle counting, physical inventory, and inventory management

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