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Cible's CRM Strategy solution helps companies address critical customer management issues including:

* Customer selection/segmentation
* Customer retention and churn management
* Product pricing and bundling
* Partner and channel management

Our objective, analytically-based recommendations are closely tied to your corporate strategy and help inform the explicit choices that are required to successfully compete for market share among the most profitable customers in a given industry or segment.

Our strategic recommendations are always practical and implemental. We examine the specific business processes that support our clients' end-to-end customer experience. We examine and understand the interdependence among the consumer, the company, and the extended value chain. We then optimize results by applying best practices from across our solution portfolio and customer segments to create an integrated solution.

Our CRM Strategy projects will assist an organization in identifying areas of high return, prioritize requirements, and develop a business transformation roadmap for moving forward. Throughout a CRM Strategy engagement we develop a customer relationship strategy, implementation plan (customer, organization, process, technology, people), business case and return on investment.

Enterprise Value Addition is Cible's comprehensive framework of business and financial methodology that can provide your executives with visibility into all aspects of your organization - as well as into peer companies, competitors and your industry as a whole. From this vantage point, it is possible to see clearly what impact an initiative in one area will have in others. The strength of this approach is that it can help you identify, quantify and prioritize corporate initiatives that have the greatest potential to deliver both near-term results and long-term value.

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