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Cible SMS
Cible SMS is a tool to enhance the Short messaging (SMS) experience by providing great features like personal information management, quick contacts, group management, excel sheet integration etc.. with an easy-to-use interface and aesthetically placed navigational menu. Cible SMS is a very cost effective tool which delivers high performance, very low resource consumption and above all, a true value to your money. You can easily SMS your contacts and groups with a very minimal effort from any where around the world. Just login to the system, choose the contacts, type the message and hit send. Your messages are instantly delivered. It is that simple.

Why Cible SMS?

You may get a doubt “why to use a software application when you have a mobile to do this task?” Answer is simple – Ease of use. Traditional Human-Computer interaction Devices like Keyboard, Mouse etc… were proven to be much faster to type than the alternative devices like mobile keypads and touch screens. It is as easy as you type a document or notes. The aesthetically designed screens combined with the traditional interface like keyboard helps enhance user experience of messaging which is much faster and readable. Moreover, Cible SMS greatly helps reduce the hassles of managing contacts, sending group messages and typing them. With Cible SMS, just select the contacts and send the messages. We are sure you won’t get a better user interface to interact with..!!

What Cible SMS is?

Cible SMS is an online software service developed keeping in view the growing needs of many industries like retail, advertising, education etc.. to have an integrated environment to communicate - with ease of use and stability. It is a tool designed to help individuals or businesses who are in need of messaging their target audience or customers – with easy-to-use, simple and appealing user interface.
Where Cible SMS fits in?

Cible SMS is designed keeping in mind the various industries and their needs. So, whatever the industry is or whoever the user is, Cible SMS fits in so comfortably that they realize the need from the day one they start using it. We are sure you simply love it..!!
SMS is without doubt, the most effective tool for direct marketing campaigns. SMS campaigns hold a distinct advantage over other established marketing techniques in the following industries to name a few:
  • Advertising – for advertising various services, products on behalf of their clients targeting a specific sector.
  • Retail - to promote the products.
  • Jewellers - for advertising their offers.
  • Share brokers - to update their customers.
  • IT industry - for better collaboration with their clients, vendors and employees.
  • Education – to let the parents know about their kids’ attendance, performance in exams, unscheduled holidays like bandhs etc..
  • Political Campaigns – As the political parties are realizing the need for targeting the individuals, Cible SMS is the best available communication mechanism among various cadres of the party.
The above are the industries to name a few, where we can undoubtedly implement Cible SMS. Apart from the above mentioned industries, we can expand it to any real need across any sector, when and where a need for such solution arises.

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