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Today, the only thing we can be sure of is that change is here to stay. To their credit, banks of all sizes are doing their best to adapt.

The smaller ones are winning in the race for greater returns by sticking with highly segmented offerings. The bigger organizations, countering with huge investments in technology, are offering end-to-end, interconnected suites of specific, needs-based products and services. Institutions that were previously product-focused and segmented are transforming themselves into universal banks and financial services supermarkets.

The competitive landscape has widened far beyond the traditional banking industry. Banks are offering insurance products, insurance companies are offering banking products, and brokerage firms are offering both.

It’s a significant battle and the results won’t be in for quite some time. But for bigger institutions, the strategy of offering a broad range of services and products to a very diverse client base can no longer be debated. The need to move from manual processing toward automation is stronger than ever, as demonstrated by the securities and retail brokerage industry, which is shifting to a compressed settlement time frame.

So, how does your organization build a new infrastructure to meet these challenges without completely replacing existing systems?

The Cible Banking Practice Team brings industry-specific solution sets to assist your organization in addressing this critical issue:

*Payment services
* Branch Automation
* Card Services
* Check 21
* Treasury Services
* Lending and Leasing
* Configure to Fit Lending
* eMortgage
* Web-enabled servicing
* Credit Analytics and Basel Accord

If you would like to learn how these solutions have helped us serve nine of the world’s top ten banking institutions, Let’s Discuss.

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